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Sony 4K TV

Sony 4K TV's - Specialty Store Service with Big Store Prices

Epic AV Price Match Guarantee - Epic AV offers the same pricing on Sony 4K TV's that you would pay at Big Box Retailers and Major On-Line Competitors such as Best Buy,, B&H, ABT and others. Call us for up to date prices on all Sony 4K TV's.


Enhance your viewing experience with Sony 4K TVs, and enjoy more than four times the detail of Full HD. 

Sony 4K TVs make everything look better. Movies, shows, photos, content from your smartphone — it’s all upscaled to 4K quality, thanks to our cutting edge 4K X-Reality™ PRO, X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO, and TRILUMINOS® technologies. Future 4K formatting changes are no issue either, as our ultra HD TVs support the HEVC codec.

Connect with a world of exciting content on Sony 4K televisions. Access the web to stream movies, music and shows, backed by the power and detail of 4K technology that surpasses the quality of even Full HD TVs. Call family and friends on Skype™ and watch the big game together, or share status updates about your favorite show.

Open the door to a new viewing experience with our 4K TVs. TRILUMINOS® Color technology makes every shade more natural and vivid, while Motionflow keeps the action on your screen smooth at any pace. And with every image being refined by our 4K X-Reality™ PRO technology, you’ll enjoy image quality that even Full HD TVs can’t offer.

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Sony 4K TV Products Featured in Our Showroom

Sony XBR85X900F 2018 4K TV

XBR85X900F |LED | 4K Ultra HD

High Dynamic Range (HDR) | Smart TV (Android TV)   

The new 900F series of 4K TV's from Sony offer a great balance of perfomanace vs pricing. With the X1 Extremem processor and full array backlighting the Sony 900F series is a all around winner. Stop in to Epic AV to audition this great TV.

"The Sony X900F is a great 4k TV with impressive picture quality, especially in a dark room due to the high native contrast ratio and full array local dimming support. The TV excels at HDR as it can produce bright, vivid highlights. Motion handling is also excellent due to the fast response time and ability to flicker the backlight to clear up motion."

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Sony 4K OLED HDTV Epic AV Front View

  XBR65A1E | OLED | 4K Ultra HD 

 Experience a whole new world!

"Simply stated, the Sony A1E OLED is one of the finest TVs ever made, and from a picture quality standpoint, it’s nearly perfect. Perfect black levels, outstanding out-of-the-box color performance, impressive peak brightness, and stellar HDR processing make the A1E OLED one of the three best TVs you can buy in 2017, and likely well into 2018. Everything it displays turns to gold." Digital Trends

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Sony Z9 Series 4K UHDTV Flagship XBR75Z9D series

The Best Ultra Premium LED/LCD TV

"Dazzling picture...Outstanding picture processing, and cinematic splendor...Arguably the best cinematic motion available." Digital Trends

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Featuring 4K High Dynamic Range; This TV pairs the brilliance of 4K clarity with the brightness, color, and detail of High Dynamic Range (HDR), and can handle a variety of HDR formats, including HDR 10, Hybrid Log-Gamma, and Dolby Vision™.2

What the Reviewers are Saying

"After completing our full testing of the 65-inch Sony XBR-65Z9D, we can say that it's among the best TVs we've ever tested." "And, looking ahead, the Z-series models could represent a bold new step into the future of LCD TV technology, addressing one of its key weaknesses: blacks that tend to look gray rather deep black. That's a big deal, because rich, deep blacks do a lot to make a picture look realistic." Consumer Reports

"The build quality of the Z9D is excellent. The TV feels very solid and well constructed, with better build quality than any other 2016 models we have tested." The Sony Z9D has an impressive picture quality for an LCD TV. With its great contrast ratio and its excellent black uniformity, the Z9D provides a superb movie watching experience, especially in a dark room. Blacks are very deep and dark scenes are shown well. If set in a bright room, the Z9D does a great job at dealing with reflections and since it can get very bright, it can easily overcome any glare from bright lights or windows."