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 At its heart is a class-D amplifier, made by highly respected manufacturer Powersoft, that’s claimed to output 190Wpc into 8 ohms or 350Wpc into 4 ohms, at 1% distortion. I was assured that the output also remains stable into 2 ohms -- the Intuition 01 should be capable of driving just about any loudspeaker. The total harmonic distortion is listed as <0.005% (no frequency range specified), with a signal/noise ratio of 113dBA, 20Hz-20kHz, and a frequency response of 3Hz-45kHz, -3dB, for 1W at 8 ohms.

At the heart of the DAC section is a 32-bit Sabre 9018 Reference chip from ESS Technology. This eight-channel chip is highly regarded, but the upsampling algorithm that Wadia uses is proprietary. It upsamples every signal coming into the Intuition 01 to 1.5MHz, and directly drives the chip’s delta-sigma modulator. This “non-ringing” method of upsampling is derived from Wadia’s 25 years of experience in designing DACs, going back to their Digimaster days. While Wadia originally applied this technology to ladder DACs, here they bring it to bear on the now-ubiquitous delta-sigma architecture. In the opinion of Wadia’s engineers, higher sampling rates contribute to better sound quality, while they also make use of apodizing filters.



  • 3 outlet Power Manager; 1800 watts / 15amps
  • 5 Always-on, 4 Switched-on, 2 Delayed-on & 2 programmable
  • 5400 joules of surge suppression
  • Dimmable front panel with circuit
  • Over/Under voltage shut down; safe operating voltage: 90V – 130V
  • 3 separate filter banks; digital, analog and high voltage outlets
  • 12 volt trigger in and out
  • 2 USB chargers with USB gooseneck light
  • Surge suppressed DSS/Sat and Phone/Lan outlets
  • Rack mountable, hardware included
  • 5 UL® certifications and RoHS compliant
  • $25,000 connected equipment warranty

At its heart, the Reference 5 SE is a fully balanced, zero-feedback, class-A triode preamplifier that uses four 6H30 tubes in its single-gain analog stage, and one 6H30 and one 6550 tube in the power supply. I’ve owned class-A and a few single-ended amps, and have always felt that they did more with tone and space than their class-AB cousins could ever dream of. However, when your listening room is as small as mine is, living with a class-A amp is like living in an oven -- most of the power they generate is dissipated as heat. Additionally, single-ended tube amps produce none of the bass depth, impact, or power that other class-A or good solid-state amps can.

With separate Low Gain and High Gain inputs selectable via a switch mounted between the two, you can have two turntables connected to the Reference simultaneously. Of course, there's an IEC jack, so you can play with power cords. (I used an Electra Glide Reference Fatboy.) Front-panel controls include On/Off, Operate/Standby, Stereo/Mono, and Operate/Mute.
t takes at least an hour from power up for the Reference to sound its best, so leaving the unit On and in Standby mode is a good way to go if you don't want to wait the hour. In that position, voltage is applied only to the tube heaters. You save tube life, yet the unit is partially warmed up. Moving from Standby to Operate, there's about a 30-second auto mute before you can begin playback. To avoid potentially dangerous thumps, the Mute switch should be activated whenever you lower or raise the pickup arm or change the input.

Created, as the name suggests, to be wall mounted and adjustable thanks to its jointed bracket, the Wall is a versatile speaker that offers many answers to different sound needs: great for those who want to build a two-channel audio system that does not take up valuable space, suitable for quality stereo reproduction from a source such as a TV with only two speakers, versatile in the role of speaker in a home theater system partially or entirely of Venus wall speakers. Its small dimensions and its beautiful and refined design make it a great choice if you want to set up a multi-room system, as it fits easily in different environments, it ensures optimum performance even with its discreet physical presence.

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